05/07/2018 vandulek@dodo.com.au

It’s been 3 years since the last rally, and 2 years since the last social drive.

In this time, all efforts of the Australia Classic team went into developing the prototypes for our proprietary timekeeping gear, and the system is shaping up to be amazing:

  • No more constraints of wire length: the new units connect wirelessly to a central tablet
  • No more manual processing: the software spits out the results automatically.

After hundreds of at-home tests, the equipment proved to be reliable and accurate so from a technical perspective, they are fully operational.

Now we’re on to integrating this wire-y mess into a small case, then manufacturing the first stockpile of units, before moving on to live-testing them at a single-day rally, hopefully still this year.

And later, a nationwide season of rallies at multi-state locations, and a series of private events for car clubs and other orgs.

Until then, our fleet will be under wraps until the next Australia Classic event is held.